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School Visits


School Visits

Creating chemistry in the bath

Learning science can be fun and we love hand on experiences.

At the crafty club we a bath bomb making session to compliment your current science topic. 


Our class lasts approx 1 hour.

Our topic is investigating gases and changes in materials creating an irreversible reaction.

We look at chemical reactions caused by combining the ingredients. The children will then have fun experimenting by making their own own bath bomb by following a recipe card, measuring out the ingredients and choosing from a range of colours, fragrances and moulds.

Children do make these from scratch so the younger children may need some hands on help from teachers and assistants 


Classes can be adapted to the age group and suitable for years 1-8.

Sessions run between 10am - 2pm during school hours. Cost per Class £128 for up to 32 children. 

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